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Birthdate:Oct 14

Name: Paul
Physical Age: 30 (ageing slowed and stopped)
Biological Age: 53
First Transformation Age: 18
Born (Presumed): England
Resides: USA (currently)

He's ever the British gentleman.
Loves cooking.
Loves his Traditional Breakfast tea, strong with two lumps of sugar and a dash of milk.

Back Story:

Basically nothing is known about Paul's family or early history. He has no recollection of his parents or anything for that matter before the age of 10. He simply remembers waking up in the cold, one night, lost and alone. His upbringing however (well, from 10 onwards), was not a sad story. Paul was fortunate to have been discovered on the side of the road by a young, well-off British couple. Perhaps it was because they could not have kids of their own that they took him in. Whatever the reason, they brought him up as one of the family.

Were-lion Lore:

Like all lycanthropes, were-lions possess strength and speed far beyond anything a human is capable of - they can bench press a car easily, and can move fast enough to seem like a blur to the human eye. Lycanthrope metabolisms are much faster than human metabolisms, which is why were-lions need to consume more calories, why they heal so quickly, and also why they have a higher body temperature than humans. Cold temperatures and ice baths, sometimes used to bring down fevers in humans, can be fatal to lycanthropes if given to them while they are healing serious injuries - they require high temperatures to heal. Lycanthropes are very casual about things like nudity and personal space.

Although they are immune to poisons and diseases, lycanthropes are highly allergic to silver, and most will be burned by any external contact with the metal - some powerful lycanthropes, however, are not harmed unless the silver breaks the skin or is otherwise ingested. Wounds created by silver heal at human speed. Wounds made by other lycanthropes or fire will also heal slowly.
A were-lion's natural form is human. In appearance, they are typically impossible to distinguish from any other human, although their faster metabolisms mean they are always fit. If they spend too much time in lion form, some characteristics may linger - for instance they may have lion eyes and unusually long and sharp canine teeth. Were-lions shape shift into lions, larger than natural lions. Lycanthropes return to human form upon their death.

All of a lycanthrope's senses are heightened. They can hear a person's pulse just by standing nearby, they need minimal light to see, and they can track by scent (although all of these abilities are improved more if they are in lion form rather than in human). They can use their sense of smell to determine if a person is agitated or calm, and this helps them determine if someone is lying, although it is not universal.

The moon is a potent influence on any lycanthrope. During the full moon, all lycanthropes must shift, though with more power and control comes the ability to delay this shift. The closer the moon is to being full, the harder it is for any lycanthrope to resist the shift. Many things can trigger a were-lion's shift, if they do not have full control: heightened emotional states (including during sex) and the scent of blood are among the most common things to bring the lion to the surface and strain a were-lion's control.

The more control a lycanthrope has, the more they are able to choose when to shift and when not to shift - though it is always easier to change into lion form than resist the urge. A triggered (rather than conscious) change usually results in a lack of control over a were-lion's beast, and can also create memory loss. For the first six months of forced full moon transformations, a were-lion will not remember anything, and will be unable to control their actions during the night (their lion's instincts are in charge). The next six months begin the gradual development of control. The lion' or 'the beast' is what takes over during a were-lion's first several full moons, and represents animal instincts rather than human ones. Control over their lion can be developed with practice - the better a were-lion's control, the more their lion becomes simply a facet of their personality, rather than a separate personality whose memories they do not share. (Lore inspired and credited from here.

(ooc: Mun and muse over 21. I do not own Dominic Cooper, just for roleplaying purposes only.)
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